Friday, April 27, 2012

Youth avoid the recruiting of new soldiers

Since the beginning of January 2012 to the present, the young people in the local Ta’ang villages, Namtu Township, northern Shan State have avoided from their hometowns as the recruiting of Shan State Army.

“Started from the January, I have noticed the Shan State Army – South has collected new soldiers at the Ta’ang villages such as Pai Ta Byay, Pai Loun and others between Namtu and Hsipaw Townships in monthly. Parents allowed their children went to the China-Burma border for hiding because they didn’t want to lose their sons and made them harm. I recognize about 70 Ta’ang young have run to the border” said one of the Ta’ang Youth’s filed workers.
It is the reason of the collecting of new soldiers; the avoided people have to struggle for their daily food even they face with any kinds of difficulties, they are afraid to go back their native land.
This amassing for new soldiers and increasing the armed numbers could probably create the populace to misunderstand the SSA-S as it has inked for the ceasefire with the national peace making group of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. On the other side, local people analyze that the trusting on the civilian government is so weak.



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