Friday, April 27, 2012

A Ta’ang Youth beaten by a Police sergeant admitted to hospital

On the first day of New Year in Myanmar, a Namhsan police officer, Aung Kyaw Lwin and his colleague handcuffed and beat Mai Naing Lynn, from Namawaw he was seriously injured and was taken to hospital suffering from head injuries.
On April 16th, 2012 while the local people were taking part in the water festival, in font of Loi Sam Sip restaurant located in Namhsan Township. Naing Lynn’s friend threw water at a girl and as a result she fell off her motorbike, but she wasn’t wounded or anything and got back on her motorbike and carried on with her journey.
She said that we were just playing with water in the festival therefore it didn’t matter but a boy who was an onlooker and the son of a local Militia leader, Ngun Sai, reported the incident to the police. Afterwards the police came by motorbike and handcuffed Naing Lynn while he was eating his meal and seriously beat him’’ reported one of the witnesses.
The policemen that handcuffed and beat Naing Lynn without informing him about the reason for his arrest at Loi Sam Sip restaurant had been drinking. Naing Lynn said he tried to explain the situation to the police but to no avail they just continued to beat him. Due to the police beating, Naing Lynn suffered severe head wounds and bruising to his entire body. He had to be sent to Namhsan general hospital where he was admitted as a patient.
Naing Lynn’s sister and her neighbor also witnessed the police sergeant himself brutally beating Naing Lynn. The neighbors tried to stop the police beating him but because the police were drinking they wouldn’t stop. When they arrived at the police station the police sergeant denied that he beat Naing Lynn with his baton.
Due to the severity of the beating Naing Lynn had to have 12 stitches in his head and he could not eat anything and was vomiting constantly. Yet, no police officer came to take care of him although they were responsible for inflicting his injuries.
The police sergeant asked the girl to press charges but she said that “I will not press charges as it happened in good jest at the time of the water festival”. Later a Namhsan police officer said that if the patient doesn’t register a complaint to the police then he will cover all his medical costs; however Naing Lynn has not accepted this offer and will take his case to court.


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