Friday, April 27, 2012

Recruited in Ta’ang autonomous region by Shan State Reform Council

The Southern Shan State Army, known as the Shan State Reform council has recruited and increased the amount of soldiers  in Namshan township, a Ta’ang autonomous  region.

In the third week of February 2012 the SSRC marched to Namshan with over 300 soldiers. When they arrived there they collected protection money and new recruits especially in Pain Long, Pansari and Myo Thit.
 “In the process the SSRC already collected at least 300 villagers in the vicinity of these three villages. They will form their new company and regiments. Recently they have already set up camp” according to a local leader.
 “Before they made an agreement with the Burmese government they acted only guerrilla tactics. They did not collect protection money from the people and they did not dare to act as they do now.  Presently they take more significant  action in collecting protection money as well as recruiting over 300 villagers “  reported by a major of Myo Thit village.
The enlarged SSRC has already ratified with the central delegation .The SSRC and the Burmese government military often fought against each other in skirmishes within Namshan Township, a Ta’ang autonomous region. Not only have they had combat with the Burmese troops in Pain Lwai village on March 11th 2012 but also between Man Naut and Pan Swe village on March 12th 2012.

Last year in 2011, massive amounts of Ta’ang people’s income were affected by this fighting between Southern Shan State Army and the Burmese government which caused the Ta’ang economy to collapse.  This year’s tea harvest is coming soon and because of the fighting the people are faced with the same problems as last year. Simultaneously, the tea business is the main livelihood of Ta’ang people therefore all Ta’ang people are really worried about what will happen.



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