Friday, April 27, 2012

TNLA, KIA, and SSA together Bombed Burmese battalion (130

On March 2nd 2012 at 4pm local time, Manton based Infantry Battalion (130) were bombed as they made their way to Moemade. The Battalion commander got seriously injured along with many soldiers. 
 “Our Ta’ang National Liberation Army, KIA, and SSA cooperatively fought them. Two mines exploded as they came in two cars to Moemes village between Manton and Moemade. Two soldiers died and about 10 soldiers were seriously injured including the Battalion Commander” said a correspondent from TNLA.

An eyewitness commented that the injured Battalion Commander was brought by a helicopter to the military hospital in Laisho.
 “Now, the security in Manton Township (Palaung autonomy area) is very tight. Many soldiers have descended on the town and are continually checking people’s comings and goings. When visitors come to town they are questioned as to their purpose for entering the town. I think the situation will become more complicated” said a Manton local.
The Burmese columns were attacked about 12 miles outside Moenes village while on their way in two cars to Loiyar village. The battalion commander’s right-hand man with a ranking of three stars on his left hand side died and three soldiers were taken for a medical check in Manton hospital; said a hospital staff.
Fighting has once again commenced in the Manton area where they had previously had peace for over 20 years. This brings uncertainty; worry and instability for the local people in the area. They are really scared because of the case of the seriously injured battalion commander, which could potentially make things worse for the local people.
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