Friday, April 27, 2012

Ta’ang Students and Youth meet with “88” Student Leaders

On February 28th 2012, Ta’ang Students and Youth met with the former 88- Generation student leaders at No.41 Street, guest house, in Mandalay, Burma.
“We held a meeting with Ko Ko Gyi and Ko Min Zayar who were recently released from prison, we mainly discussed the current situation of the Ta’ang people how they are struggling for their daily livelihoods. We wanted the student’s leaders know about what is happening so they can lend their support to us” said a Ta’ang student.
Ta’ang Students and Youth were welcomed by the former 88- students and had a great meeting which lasted about two hours. In the meeting, Ta’ang students and youth spoke about their goals, activities and the situation in Ta’ang areas.
“We have been seeing some progress in Burma, we requested some advice from them on how we could improve on our current course in order to better achieve our goals and we also discussed how we could cooperate and work together to bring about democratic change in Burma” said the leader of Ta’ang students and Youth.

Ko Ko Gyi encouraged the Ta’ang Students and Youth to keep up their work and to be proud of what we are doing to address the Ta’ang people’s needs and to ease their suffering. Even though there are several problems we need to solve, we should work to our strengths and continue our progress step by step. This was the first such meeting for Ta’ang students and Youth with the former 88-student leaders.
They agreement to meet again soon and work together for the future of Burma.
Human Rights Documentation and Information Department
Ta’ang Students and Youth Organization



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