Friday, April 27, 2012

Two innocence villagers were arrested and tortured by Burmese military

Not only did the Burmese militaries baste Noungkaungloud villagers but they also tied them one night at Vainpard village.
In March 20th 2012, the Noungkaungloud villagers Aloum 17 and Aung Then 18 year old Namtu Township, Kyaukme Province, northern Shan State were basted by the military which came from forests and can be opiated the Laisho battalion said the most concern people.
“It happened when we went to work at Lonbala (Vainpard) village. About 30 Burmese soldiers came out from forest when we arrived at the Vainpard village and they stop and asked us about the KIA. They blamed on us that we have communication with KIA and forced us to accept on their blaming. After that, they tied both of us the Vainpard and say we will be released tomorrow” said the basted people.
Not only didn’t the Burmese soldiers release the villagers but they also seriously basted both of them even the Vainpard village headman said they are not KIA soldiers and don’t communicate with that armed group during the arresting.
Both of their bodies are seriously warm after they released and now, they are taking medical check at their hometown Noungkaungloud village.



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