Friday, April 27, 2012

Local people are causing trouble to the USDP’s road project

Starting from December 2012, the Union Solidarity Development Party often asked money from local people during the building of the Kutkai- Karhlaing road in KutKai Township, northern Shan State.
The village headmen at the Kutkai-Karhlaing road said we have to pay for the accommodation cost of the local construction workers, reconnoiters, and two seniors from the USDP who oversee the daily construction even though the government has already given the money for the cost of the road construction.
“We have to feed the police, USDP, and other road construction workers when they come to measure, directing, and build the road. It sometimes causes problems. We are grateful to the people who build the roads for us but no one can abide when this kind of corruption happens. We just pray for this construction to finish” said a local elder.
The local Kutkai-Karhlaing road which is about 8 miles long was already tarmacadam but they were repairing the road. However the USDP still asks money from the local people they began in December 2011 and it is now March but it still hasn’t been completed yet.
“The USDP use government finance like their own money. They already got about 4,000 Kyats for petrol every day and salaries for their office but they just keep the money in their pockets and continue to ask money from the local villagers near the road construction” said a local villager

There are about 10 Ta’ang villages around the local Kutkai-Karhlaing road. This kind of behaviors and misappropriated financial action creates high tax for people. The Kutkai civilians said these behaviors can affect the dignity of USDP who said they are following a democratic system.



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