Friday, April 27, 2012

Two villagers were forced to carry provisions and weapons with their horses

In March 22th 2012, 7am local time, about 30 soldiers from battalion 501 Kyaukme forced to porter two Narawlay villagers Mongton Township, northern Shan State and their horses to carry military supplies and weapons.
“They ordered the village elders to give two horses and people. Thus, we sent A Naing 26 and U Saidaw 34 year old and two horses” said the village elders.
The two porters had to go with the Burmese soldiers to the Panyaung village which it’s far about 3 miles by feet and their horses curried the military equipment and weapons.
“Not only did both of us have to bring our food but we also had to bring food for the horses. Then, they often asked about the KIA, SSA, and TNLA” said the porters.
The government battalions such as 130 Mangton, 114 -115 Naungcho, 324 Namtu, and 501-502 Kyaukme base in turn taking securities at the Manmai, Naawgyi, Nawlay, Mansat, Manaung, Panyoung, and Tawnay villages within Mongton Township. They often force to take horses from the villagers and porters to indicate from one village to another.
Especially, most male adults go to towns, forests, or another place for hiding and are not dare to stay in villages as they worry the Burmese soldiers would come. By the scare of the Burmese militaries, many people avoid their hometowns and don’t come back to pick up the tea even it is the time of Shwe Pe Oo.



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