Friday, April 27, 2012

Dispute between Asia World and Aung Chan Tar Restaurant

In the second week of February 2012 the families around the Aung Chai Tar restaurant at the exit of Kutkai Township suffered as a dispute occurred between the restaurant owner and Asia World Company that builds the highways between Mandalay and Muse in the northern Shan State.
The Aung Chan Tar restaurant is located on the highway between Muse and Mandalay. In order to stop disruption for customers when digging drains, the company staffs and the shop owner had negotiated to dig the drains as soon as possible as so that customers would stop for longer at the restaurant. However, a problem started to occur after a worker at Asia World Company reported this agreement to one of their friend who is a military commander in Lashio. It created a rumor that restaurant owner was slandering Asia World Company and was only trying to make money from the deal.
“A staff said that we went to negotiate at the shop to help us dig the drains as quick as they can. This is because we don’t want the digging of the drains disturbing the customers. However, I don’t know what happened between them next. The company didn’t dig the drains around the shop and it said that you must dig the drains by yourself and then you will be charged if you won’t dig them” said a local person living near the shop.

Finally, the local people nearby had to dig the drains by themselves including the owner of Aung Chan Tar restaurant. The cost of digging the drains made it difficult for normal local people even though it wasn’t as expensive for the restaurant as they have a good turnover in their business said the same local person.
The Asia World company is digging drains on the left side road between Mandalay and Muse to make the water drain more easily thus preserving the highway.



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