Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Two Ta’ang’s young women were trafficked into China

Lway Ei Ngin the daughter of U Sam Mai and Lway O Mai the daughter of U Aung Pan from Kar Lai Kone Sar district, Man Mai village,  Kut Khai, Northern Shan State of Burma have been trafficked to China.
On the 8th February, 2011 Lway Ei Ngin and Lway Ei Mai, 17 years were lured to go and work in Nampaka market at the grocery shop with 3,5000 Kyat by U Chit Aye and his wife, Daw Shwe Kyar, from Nam Pa Kar No. 1, Kut Kai township.
Lway O Mai’s father, U Pan Aung went to meet with his daughter in Nampaka on 1st of March; however, U Chit Aye and Daw Shwe Kyar, who took his daughter, said that she was not there and that she was working in the restaurant at Koe Mon water tank. If you would like to see her, we will send her in three or four days.
When his daughter after he waited for a week still had not come, he asked help from Ta’ang leaders.  The Ta’ang leaders complained to the Nampakar police station on 7th of April after they found out that U Chit Aye and Daw Shwe Kyar had contact with human traffickers.
The Ta’ang leaders and Col Kyaw Kyaw Naing, head of the police station, interrogated U Chit Aye and Daw Shwe Kyar in their home. They said that they did not traffic and that the two girls were working in Kyang Houng, China and then they signed on the agreement paper that says,” We will bring the two girls home on the 11th of April.”  However, the two girls still haven’t come back until now. Consequently a complaint was sent to the Kut Khai police station on 21st of April again but the police are still have not followed this up.
There has also been a similar case which U Aik Htet (Saw Ti Ya)’s daughter, Ma Ei Mo, 23 years who live in Lon Kan district, Man Pu village, Kut Kai Township was trafficked into marriage in China.



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