Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Start importing gas pipeline from China to Burma

On May 12th, 2011, huge trucks were seen to start to import the large pipes that will be used in the gas pipeline project between Shweli and Kyial Koung which are located on the Burma -China border.
“I saw the big pipes were being transferred from one truck to another when I arrived at the China-Burma Trade Center. He said that it is for the gas pipeline and for four trucks already left to transport the pipes to Burmaand then two trucks were still transporting when I asked one of the Trade Center staffs.Five trucks carrying pipes crossed here last week” said a witness.
On the same issue, Muse local people often see truckscarrying gas pipe but they did not know what they were for. The gas pipesare transported from China to Burma in different ways such as by trucks, ships, and other means.
A local source said that the trucks that transport the pipes from China to Burma are covered by large tarpaulins in order to conceal the contents from the local people.
The Burma-China Shwe natural gas pipeline which is 792.5 km in length is still under construction. It runs from Kyautphy Town, Arakhan State across to Magwe Division, Madalay Division and Shan State in order to bring that gas pipeline project up to Kumin Town, Yunan State, China.
The gas pipelines which it is going to cross Shan State will built alongthe transmit line of Shweli Hydro Power Dam 1 in the Ta’ang area. It has alreadybeen documented in the Ta’ang Students and Youth Organization’s 2007 Dam Report “Under the Boot” that local people have had to face many human violationsas a result of the dam projects, now have to suffer a second set of violations as they build the Shwe Gas Pipeline.



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