Friday, May 20, 2011

Military operation soldiers rob local people of vegetables

Due to ongoing conflict between Burmese military and SSPP/SSA-N within in Northern Shan State and in order to defend Shan armies, Kutkai Base Battalion (241) collected 50 guards per village from many villages near Kutkai and build temporary camps for regimentation security around Kutkai Town.
The SPDC soldiers threatened and robbed vegetables, fruit, and pets of local villagers in Tonsin(dang) village, Tonsin(dyet) village, Mannoung village, Kholon villager, Pansay village, and other villages.
“They took our vegetables without permission and didn’t even pick them properly so, they pinched the branch, root, and leaf and destroyed the field and then they forced villagers to give them their hens,” said a local villager.
Villagers grow their vegetables and to sell in nearby towns. Not only do some market sellers vend in Kutkai market but they also sell in different markets such as Tarmoenyi market, Thainee market, and Namslad market and their livelihoods basically depend on selling these vegetables.
“The soldiers based at village cited village security as the reason for them being there but they killed our hens and picked the vegetables whenever they wanted to and then destroyed the new crops. Villagers were afraid of when the soldiers were they threatened them. Women could not work safely at farms and were not able to go out after dark” said a village woman, who disputes village security as the reason the soldiers are based in her village.

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