Saturday, June 18, 2011

The war has temporarily postponed the Shweli Dam (2) Construction

On 15th June, Burmese military Infantry battalion (144) and KIA troops had been fighting near the Shweli Dam. According to reports of the fight, most of the Chinese construction workers and professional experts from Dam (1) and (2) went back to China and the dam construction has been temporarily postponed.
According to analysis from local sources, Chinese construction workers and experts went back to China because they were terrified of the fighting on 15th June and they worry that it will happen again. The local people are apprehensive about it too.
One local source said, “I heard the sound of fighting from nearby the Shweli Dam (1). Therefore Chinese workers and their experts who came to work on the Dam (2) construction go back to China and postponed the construction temporarily and the local workers also returned back to their homes.”
Shweli Dam (2) is located between 17 and 20 miles from the Shweli Dam (1) and the experts from Chinese Companies came to build their homes for the construction at the end of 2010. Security of Shweli Dam (2) is the responsibility of the Infantry Battalion (144) however because of this local people’s farms are being confiscated without compensation and they are also suffering from Human Rights violations.
Shweli Dam (1) is located in Northern Shan State; about 17 miles northwest from Nam Kham Township and it began to produce electric at the beginning of 2009. While the Shweli Dam (1) was being built, local people suffered extensively from land confiscation and Human Rights violations.
The former military regime had built the Dam (1) on Shweli River and the military subordinate’s, the new Burmese government, continue with the building of Shweli Dam (2) and (3).



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