Wednesday, February 1, 2012

School has been closed in war zone

Due to the continual fighting between the KIA and the Burmese Military in Northern Shan State especially in Ta’ang autonomy areas as well as in seven villages, the primary schools in these regions have been closed since the first week of December, 2011.
“As my children missed school, they have to repeat the same class next year. We don’t know what to do because the teachers are not coming and the local education minster hasn’t tried to resolve the problem even though they are due to take their final exams this month” explained by a parent of a student.
During the academic year of 2011-2012, students only studied from June until the end of July because of the fighting in this area. The teachers were also afraid and went back their homes. Most of teachers are from central Burma. After they left, some schools closed and some are still hoping for their return.
In seven Ta’ang villages, they are over 200 students missing out on school, among them are: Panlong village with 60 students, Mansar village with 18 students, Manyoung village with 20 students, Hkauoi with 6 students and Manmaung village with 20 students.
Although the final exam will held in February 2012, U Thin Ngwe, who takes responsibility as local education minister of Mantong Township, doesn’t come and address the issue. Although he is the one that had been forcing students to buy school materials in all schools within Mantong Township.
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