Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Keynote Speech of Palaung State Liberation Front (PSLF) Chairman at the 49th Anniversary of the Palaung National Resistance Day

Respectable leaders of alliance groups, leaders’ different organizations and distinguished guests,
I am greatly honored by your presence at this auspicious occasion and firstly, I would like to express my heart-felt gratitude to all of you, on behalf of all member of Palaung ethnic community and on behalf of member of the PSLF front, for your audience at the 49th anniversary of Palaung national resistance day.

Distinguished guests from organizations,
Today marks 49th anniversary of Palaung resistance for justice against oppressive regime and I could say it is such an auspicious day for all Palaung nationalities and our Palaung National Liberation Front (PSLF). Fourty-nine years ago, Palaung people has started their struggle against unjust rule, as they cannot suffer anymore for oppressive and they stood up unitedly as they wanted to say “enough is enough”, with whatever weapons they had.
As I have stated today is an auspicious day for Palaung people, I would like to explain briefly how Palaung resistance emerged. At the end of World War II, many ethnic leaders, including Taung Peng region’s Saopha Sao Khun Pan Sein of Shan State Saopha Council, signed historic Pang Long agreement with independence leader Gen. Aung San, to show a motion that ethnic frontier areas will work for country independence along with leaders from British Burman proper. I said that to make clear for the public that Palaung people has been standing firmly for the country since the independence movement and Palaung leader, Sao Khun Pan Sein played a crucial role along with Gen. Aung San for independence struggle from British rule and for rebuilding the country.
Unluckily, when after Aung San and other state leaders were assassinated in 1947, the ethnic unity based on the principle of equality stated in Pang Long agreement was neglected by other successive Burmese leaders and brought to an end. The Palaung nationalities had attempted peacefully for their endowed rights of ethnic equality and self-determination under a genuine federal union, but it was not successful and finally, they took up arms to stand for their rights with Shan State revolution policy in 1958. At that time, Shans and Palaung nationalities stood together in the same organization and collectively called for remedy of their grievances.
Later, there were some differences in political outlooks and Palaung people thought they needed their own organization which can protect their security and interests, which can promote their well-being, and moreover, to pursue for ethnic equality and to stand in front of all Palaung population, then founded Palaung National Force (PNF) on January 12, 1963. We want to honor and have cerebrated the founding day of PNF as our national resistance day and now it marks 49th anniversary.
Distinguished guests and respectable patriotic comrades,
Some people have questioned us; now there is an elected government in Burma and why you are still waging armed struggle against it? It is understandable for those who don’t understand the nature of canning heart of the regime and a civilian government just for show. Our ethnic people has been waging armed struggle, as our political, economic and social aspirations are yet to be fulfilled and they are still a dream existing in far away. We are struggling and defending the unjust war of the regime with a just war. On the other hand, we are holding arms until and unless we can’t enjoy our equal rights and right for self-determination. We are just fighting a battle of defense for our dignity, freedom, truth and justice.
Today present so-called civilian government is just a sham government, which is controlled by military dictators from the behind and they are still conducting unjust rule, oppressing the civilians at gun point and violating systematic and large-scale human right violations, especially in many ethnic areas. They are just a group of criminals who are creating civil war in Burma. They are just a handful of people jamming the development of the country and rich by pillaging country’s abundant natural resources. The government is fighting war in many ethnic areas for maintaining their power and preserving their personal interests. They are fighting war in all-out effort, since they have denied call for a genuine peace and ending civil war throughout decades and the war is making profits for a handful of military leaders. We, all ethnic nationalities, must fight a just defense war against these rulers, as it is a justice call and to prevail ethnic equality, self-determination, democracy and human rights, and long lasting peace in Burma.
Distinguished guests and respectable patriotic comrades,
We may not be perfect, but we can think and we have enough intellectual to consider what is right and what is wrong. We have a patriotic spirit loving our own people and culture. We have maintained and preserved our tradition, culture and language. We have our own ethnic party and armed forces. We will stand idly– not only for present military controlled government, but also for other unjust governments– if they act against our national interests and if they infringe our birth rights and our land. We will fight back whatever enemy against our national interest, it doesn’t matter whether they are strong or we are weak. The spirit to stand against injustice is more important for the struggle, I believe. We will pursue our struggle until to the end of our objectives. We will struggle against all forces who are evil against our nationalities and who are prohibiting development of our national lives and obstructing well-being of our people.
For that reason, we must fight in unity with other alliance groups against the sham so-called civilian government. We must work together among democratic oppositions and ethnic forces, to repel the oppression, with a system of “alliance front”. I would recommend “unity within an alliance front” is also our duty to preserve. We must build and strengthen our own organization, then we can extend strengthening of our alliance groups. If we work together with a genuine goodwill and benevolence, we can build our alliance unity and which will lead to a victory. We should not discriminate among our resistance groups, whether small or big, whether strong or weak, and regardless of ethnicity population and the area of the land, but we should seek unity and we should seek our common strategy to be successful.
Thus, I would like to push for unity within an organization and within our alliance front, while working for our common political objectives. I would suggest we should pursue practical and flexible means but with a zealous spirit and a committed mind. Finally, we will find a victory through our efforts.
Distinguished guests and respectable patriotic comrades,
Prolonged civil war in our country has been raging aggressively recently because the dictators who are seeking only for their interests have fueled the war unilaterally. The war has been intensifying because they have no intention to solve political problems by political means and using superficial talks and sham ceasefire as tactics to divide and rule ethnic forces and to take advantages on them. I believe they will continue war in ethnic area, to prolong their military control and to intensify their systematic practices of Burman chauvinism.
Respectable patriotic comrades,
Finally, I would like to urge to serve with full effort on our unfinished national revolution duties, to serve tirelessly for the interests of our people. Moreover, it is necessary to empower ourselves by continuous learning, then we can perform our duties practically, systematically and successfully. By continuous learning, we can keep the right knowledge, the right outlook, and the right attitude and we finally can implement with the right mean for our duties.
In our spiritual capacity, we should maintain patriotic spirit for our country and nationalities, loving spirit for our parents and people, strong and committed national revolutionary spirit, commeradeership spirit among our colleagues. We should maintain unity among ourselves and we must strive to fulfill our responsibilities until achieving our political goals. We have to respect the esteem of our past martyrs, heroes and comrades who have sacrificed their lives and properties for our national struggle forever and I would like to urge our comrades to fulfill unfinished struggle with utmost of our efforts unitedly and with determination.
Thank you.



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