Wednesday, February 1, 2012

49th Anniversary of Palaung (Ta’ang) National Resistance Day Statement of Palaung State Liberation Front (PSLF)

Today, January 12th, 2012, marks 49th anniversary of Palaung national resistance against military dictatorship in Burma for the national liberation. In this auspicious day, the Palaung State Liberation Front (PSLF) would like to salute to those of Palaung martyrs, respectable leaders, our heroes and heroines, who have sacrificed and contributed their lives and sweat and properties in the Palaung national struggle throughout 49 years against the unjust Burmese rules, with the objectives of freedom from repression, for equality, for self-determination of Palaung people, for promoting democracy and human rights, and for establishing a genuine federal union in Burma.

The military regime hold 2010 elections with many alleged vote riggings and frauds, under 2008 constitution which was again unjustly forced to endorse in a forged referendum, then formed a sham civilian government. Although the new government has been claiming introducing for democratic reforms, civil war has been intensifying in ethnic areas since after the installation of new government and many ethnic civilians are forced to displace by fighting and their livelihoods are damaged. The ethnic populations are struggling with tremendous hardships since after so-called newly elected government, because of intensifying conflict in their area and by oppression by authorities. Additionally, the political prisoners, who were illegally charged with false accusations and sentenced to lengthy prison terms, are yet to be released and still incarcerating their terms in many inhumane prisons.
Despite the government has been initiating peace talks with some ethnic groups, military offensives are still raging against other ethnic groups.  It is crucial to end these military offensives against ethnic nationality groups, if the government is sincere to build a genuine peace in Burma, and it is necessary to solve the problems by political means. If the government is just pursuing talks just with intention of divide-and-rule tactic and conducting temporary ceasefire merely for a window dressing show, a sustainable peace cannot be prevailed in the country.
Under the so-called new civilian administration, the fighting between the government forces and Kachin, Shan ethnic forces are increasingly raging and which cause tremendous hardships for Palaung population living close to the fighting areas. At the time of fighting, many Palaung villagers from Namkham, Manton, Maiwee, Kutkai, and Namhsan townships are forced to conscript as porters and combatants in the fighting fields while others are forcedly violated for their human rights, including forcing  for their labor and frequently demanding of unjust tax and properties.
Under the new setting, Palaung self-administrative area is acknowledged by the central government at least on the paper, however, the local authority has no real power to manage their affairs and has to work mostly under control by military leaders. Moreover, the state-led development projects, such as hydropower dam construction, trans-Burma pipeline to China, cause exacerbating negative effects against the local population, such as confiscation of their lands and frequent use of their forced labor. The Palaung populations are also struggling hardly with the drug program and the downfall of market for their main product, tea.
The PSLF and Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), in cooperation with other ethnic forces, has been trying to expand their control area in Palaung region, in order to protect Palaung people who are feeling insecure for their lives and properties under the government control and who are facing human rights violation in their daily lives, and to promote their well-being. Meanwhile, the PSLF and TNLA are committed to contribute their efforts to build a “Union Army” under guidance of United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) and to continue their struggle against unjust and oppressive rule of Burmese military. For that reason, the PSLF would like to urge Palaung nationalities, particular to patriotic youth to join in the TNLA and its struggle.
Finally, PSLF would like to urge Palaung people to join united in the struggle to liberate their lives from oppression and unjust rule at the auspicious occasion of 49th Palaung national resistance day.

“A genuine autonomous and self-determinable Ta’ang region shall be established”.
Central Executive Committee
Palaung State Liberation Front  (PSLF)                                                                                                       January12,2012. 



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