Thursday, August 9, 2012

Government not fulfilling their educational responsibilities

Namhlin village, one of the villages under Ta’ang (Palaung) autonomous areas in Northern Shan State, has been facing the problem of the lack of teachers at their nursery school in the 2012-13 academic school year; the school has only been opened for two months.
Even though the school development committee and village administration have submitted a file regarding the situation and have requested a teacher for nursery school to the local minister of education; it has been totally ignored by the authorities.
Local villagers have said that the situation is very disappointing because the children do not learn anything when they attend school. Their parents are unhappy for the situation their children are in even though attempts have been made by the head of the village to remedy the problem when he went to Namhsan town and discussed the issue with the authorities however they have been negligible about the complaint and nothing has changed.
Namhlinn village is a moderate sized village in Namhsan Township; it houses over 300 families. The village established the new nursery school by themselves but now is struggling to find teachers and is getting absolutely no support form the government authorities.
According to the governmental legislation, a village must have both a nursery school and a middle school in order to get government teachers; the residents have built a new nursery school to adhere to this directive. The school also has to run under management of Namhsan town until the village gets the government to build a high school.



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