Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Eight innocence villagers were tortured by the ILB-144’s Captains

On August 12, 2012, eight innocence villagers were forced to carry materials for Chinese business men and tortured by the Captains of ILB-144 named Myo Naing Aung and Win Moe in Sawyam village, Namhkam Township, Northern Shan State, Burma. 

During torturing, even though village’s governors have come to beg for the victims, the captains refused and demanded his soldiers by threating the local administrators with their guns. 
On August 12, 2012, when seventeen villagers arrived at the ILB-144 temporary camp, women were sent back to village and eight men were beaten by the soldier for their cases on August 6.

The accident was started when the majors demanded to Sawyam villagers as a porter to carry materials for Chinese business men instead of the battalion at the 21 miles (boundary pillar) on August 6, 2012. 

“When we arrived at 21 miles (boundary pillar), the soldier ordered us to carry materials for Chinese business men instead for the battalion. We were forced to take our horses to carry the equipment, not only that but also had to bring our own food. As we heard, Chinese men have paid (50,000) Kyats to the majors for transportation per each horse. Because no one was happy for that and some villagers went back to home before finishing carry things as they were very hungry. As a result, the captains demanded villagers to come to the military camp again and beaten them” said by a local resident. 

The captains, Myo Naing Aung and Major Win Moe, even just take responsibility in the temporary camp for two months, not only are they treading very badly to the head of village, but also are they violating to the local people by their military power and guns.



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