Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Villagers were tortured and disappeared

Two Paung Aww’s villagers have been tortured by Min Thet,the Sergeant of Infantry Battalion324 which is based in Namtu Town, Northern Shan State, Burma. The Burmese soldiers arrested Ma Dee and his friend at the checkpoint on Nampanlay-Maisin road during their way back from village to Namtu at 10 am on June 3, 2012.

"Ma Dee’s mother went to the Burmese army temporary checkpoint for looking her son because her son didn’t arrive back home and she heard that her son was arrested by the soldiers. But she didn’t see her son as the sergeant said that her son has been already released. His mother and relatives are still looking for their son until now and their son is still disappearance" said by the local person.

The reason that they were arrested is because of a viss of dry tea and a small bag of rice, the military regime suspect that the two villagers have connected with ethnic armed groups even without any evidence. Ma Dee, Kachin ethnic nationality, was tied by rope and basted until the bleeding of his head.

According to the local people said the victims were still disappeared even their family were seeking in the battalion where they got information about detention the victims.The Burmese soldiers used to torture and kill the innocence villagers during their troops in the Ta’ang region.



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